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WINNERS in each category

Best Short Film: Peregrination

Best Director: Schikhur

Best Original Screenplay: Peregrination

Best Original Story Writer: Schikhur

Lion of The Festival: Young & Naive...daddy said this game was just for 2

Best Editor: Unfulfilled

Best Cinematography: S3RIAL

Best Background Score: A-Symmetry

Best SFX: Ghost in the Gun

Best VFX: Ghost in the Gun

Best Art Direction/Production Design: Follow the Arrow

Best Costume Design: Fisher's Ghost

Best Hairstyling & Make Up: Ghost in the Gun

Best Actor in Leading Role: A-Symmetry

Best Actress in Leading Role: Role of a Lifetime

Best Actor in Supporting Role: Ghost in the Gun

Best Actress in Supporting Role: Power of Prayer

Best Child Actress: Young & Naive...daddy said this game was just for 2

Best Child Actor: O Wimbowe

Best Animated Short Film: Anacronte

Best Documentary Film: Voice for the Voiceless

Best Film made on Cellphone/Tab/Mobile Device: Nature Boy

Best Music Video: Coughing Up Flowers

Best Drone Film: Bavaria

Best Drama Film: Sky Steele: Rise of Neferetti

Best Action Film: The Easy Lift

Best Comedy Film: The Ledge

Best Sci-Fi Film: Supernova

Best Horror Film: Anacronte

Best Romantic Film: Follow The Arrow

Best Thriller Film: A-Symmetry

Best Musical Film: Rendezvous

Best Expertimental Film: Anacronte

Best Web Series/Tv Pilot/New Media: Whitey Web Series

Best Virtual Reality Film: Moonlight

Best Actor in Negative Role: S3RIAL

Best Comedy Actor: Nature Boy

Best Comedy Actress: From the life of a Clownette

Best Song: See My Breath

Best Lyrics: See My Breath

Best Composer (Song): Simoom

Best Dance Choreography: Rendezvous

Best Fantasy Film: Flamboyanes

Best Inspirational Film: O Wimbowe

Best First Time Filmmaker: The Ledge

Best First Time Director (Male): Follow The Arrow

Best First Time Direcor (Female): The Sparkle

Best Student Film: Barbe A Papa

Best No Budget Short: Somebody Needs You

Best Super Short (Less than 5 minutes): TIME

Best Fight Choreography: The Easy Lift

Best First Time Actor:/Debut Actor: Order

Best First Time Actress:/Debut Actress: Order

Best Student Director (Male): Lituka

Best Student Director (Female): Somebody Needs You

Best Original Idea: Foretold

Best Trailer/Teaser: Impuratus