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Movie Review

PEREGRINATION is a one of a kind film we have seen in a long while, from a very unique multidimensional artist. A very unusual perspective in film making is shown in the film. Of course, if I write more about the philosophy behind this masterpiece, I'll be doing a grave injustice to the filmmaker and be giving away a lot. If you are a true movie buff like me who respects the art too much, you would also not disclose the finale or reveal too much from this gripping screenplay that takes the audience on a journey of self discovery in a way no other movie has accomplished. The script unfolds a deep philosophy in a very structured manner and an engaging and fulfilling way. "Show, don't tell", "Imagine your audience to be smarter than you think" and "Do not underestimate you viewers" are a few advices I give to fellow filmmakers, and the man behind this masterpiece, Schikhur delivers on these principles. Peregrination doesn't take you for granted and keeps thrilling you stage after stage. Oh...and by the way, any film students who want to see the literal definition of a "Three Act Structure" should definitely watch this film. I won't say that this movie doesn't require your patience; it does, in a very very unusual way. How many times have I said "unusual" in this review? Because this is an experience I have not had in a while watching a movie. However, the patience pays off in the end and that's what we, the audience wants a fulfilling conclusion that makes us engaged even after the movie has ended.
This film tests your patience and engages you right from the start by almost practically putting you in the protagonists situation and you don't even realise. You watch the first act, almost as if you are living the first act. How? You might ask, and for that I say, WATCH THIS BRILLIANT MOVIE. You may not realise it but you will be experiencing a lot of similar emotions as the protagonist, whether it is being engulfed in darkness or the claustrophobia or the uneasy circumstances.
This brilliant multidimensional filmmaker actor has created a movie which seems to be a must watch for every individual, from any strata of society, any gender, any beliefs, it just is a must watch film which will stand relevant in almost any era. This movie literally "means more than what meets the eyes". While surfing the trailers of this movie I liked how a subtle reference to Steve Jobs' inspirational speech from documentary "Secrets of Life" was added.
P.S. The Sound at the end, the very end, is actually a post credit scene. How? What? Watch this brilliant masterpiece to find out.
We are eager to see what Schikhur brings to the screens in future. Kudos on this literal ONE MAN SHOW!

Peregrination Trailer