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Movie Review

DARKUS BUCKERBERGIUS is a movie that touches the same premise of Good v/s Evil as done by many mainstream movies, by merging ancient Roman Era with Social Media censorship, which is a pretty interesting premise I must say. Film maker also uses traits which are reminiscent of Star Wars. Be it the costume choices of the protagonist and the antagonist or the voice of the antagonist. The voice of Senator is a heavy, calm and controlling voice which is a little similar to Darth Vader's demeanour. Darkus, the protagonist is wearing White clothes while Senator is draped in black, to symbolise their intentions. This movie records the argument between the two persons whose ideologies are poles apart. Darkus is fighting for true democracy in anarchical times. Before Darkus brought to existence and unexplained medium to connect people from any distances, the world was a tightly closed chamber designed by the propaganda of Rich and Powerful. The idea behind the movie is that interacting and sharing ideas was not possible by everyone before social media. Now, you can connect with anyone and share your ideas and insight about any topic openly and gain an audience through digital social media.
This movie touches a very sensitive subject of How evil has more power (financial, political, social, etc.) than the people who are constantly fighting for a better transparent system.
Coming to some technical aspects which are worthy to be noted, the sound quality of the dialogues was pretty bad. Accepted that this is Schikhur's first movie, and that too, a solo one man army movie where he performed all the functions from acting to editing, but it was a little distracting at times.
However, some of the visuals, specially the introduction scene of Darkus walking with sound of rain in the background and revealing his face with a thunder was a pretty good Direction decision.
As noted earlier, because of bad sound, there is an excessive use of background music. And I must say that the score was pretty interesting and was parallel to the character and emotions portrayed and era in which the story is presented. Darkus had his own set of musical equipments and a score that portrayed him as protagonist and Senator had his set of musical equipments and hence a distinct score to present him as the antagonist.
And as per our information the whole music was made on GarageBand for Mac, so kudos to Schikhur for his efforts.
Let's talk about the camera work, even though the actor himself was the cinematographer. The scene blocking was pretty good and overall feel of the visuals was quite impressive. The face reveal of senator on screen ran a chill down my spine. The dialogues were well articulated and had references to the renaissance era, French Revolution and Age of Enlightenment (the movie literally starts with the words "SAPERE AUDE"). The effort put into writing the dialogues is clearly visible in how well it plays out on screen. Schikhur is first time actor in this movie, and it does reflect at the start of the movie in the first half, but he got hold of the character in the second half, because you see a very strong portrayal of Darkus in his aggressive stance in the later half of the movie. The big reveal of the senator, after a considerable tease of showing only his hands, was rewarding and chilling. Overall the movie showed a good directorial technique in making a movie alone with two characters. It was an interesting way of how you can make a two person dialogue more interesting by just teasing the presence of one character with only partial physical feature visible on screen and then lead up to a final reveal with a good background score. The end credit twist was also well worthy of appraise.
Overall DARKUS BUCKERBERGIUS was an interesting movie and fair enough attempt from a first time artist.

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