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Interview with Schikhur

Q 1. Is your movie "PEREGRINATION" derived from ‘Steve Jobs Secrets of Life’ movie?
A 1. No. However, I do agree that there are quite a lot parallels with the
interview. And what Steve Job said stands true in our lives and a lot of people experience exactly everything that he mentioned in the interview.

Q 2. How did you accomplish the shots where camera is in motion, when you are the only one who perfromed all functions in your movie?
A 2. I used electronic automated sliders with motors. I sometimes used a wrench to keep the button on the remote pressed to move the slider, other times I just used my toe to press the remote button, which of course was not in the frame.

Q 3. Why did you perform all functions in this movie alone?
A 3. I do not know of many people in my town who are interested in making interesting content. It is easy to find people who want to act or be a part of movie, but it is difficult to find people who want to commit to the art of film making, whether acting or any other work they have been assigned. This movie was close to my heart and hence I chose to work alone. Moreover, I did not know how to operate a camera, or other shooting equipments and without experience I would have not been able to direct people to the best of my abilities. Now, after having made two movies single handedly, I feel confident. Well, more confident than before.

Q 4. Could you explain the movie?
A 4. I have already explained the movie more than I should have. It is about journey of life and constant quest for answers and more…

Q 5. What are your future plans after this?
A 5. Finding Producers/Financiers, I am actually running out of money at the moment.

Q 6. What were the main challenges you faced while making this movie?
A 6. Everything was a challenge. I had never had a DSLR camera in my possession and I never knew how to operate one. I did not know what equipments will be required, the lighting techniques. I just had my will. It was not just shooting the movie that was challenging, but reaching the point where I was able to buy the equipments and decided to make the movie all by myself, which was more challenging.

Q 7. Why are you making movies in English language and not in Hindi, your mother language?
A 7. I have learnt everything from Hollywood. Hollywood is like my college and every movie was a class, where every Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Music Composer, Editor, Gaffer, and all the unit members were my Teachers. It is natural for me to be inclined to Hollywood style of filmmaking and trying my shot at Hollywood.

Q 8. Why such stress on philosophy in your movies?
A 8. I think with the advancement into newer generations, the importance of thinking and analyzing actions, whether our own or of others is diminishing. Philosophy focuses on logical thinking and taking the society on a constructive path. I just want Philosophy to become a major and an integral part of our society.

Q 9. Why do you want to make movies? What got you into this?
A 9. Definitely not fame. I just have a few stories up my sleeves, pretty interesting ones too, that I want to share with the world. Film making is the only art form that combines so many art forms into one to paint a motion picture that may tell one story or several in the same scene. It’s all about stories, I think I am just a medium and have been chosen to do my best to convey those stories to you through films. Just want to be able to make movies for my stories, that’s it.