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Awards and Prizes

WINNERS (👑): 💲+ 🏆+ 📜
Best Short Film Winner                : US$ 500 + Certificate + Winning Laurel
Best Director                                 : US$ 300 + Certificate + Winning Laurel
Best Original Screenplay Writer  : US$ 100 + Certificate + Winning Laurel
Best Original Story Writer            : US$ 100 + Certificate + Winning Laurel

Payment to the winners will be made only by Paypal. Paypal charges are included in the winning prize money and the final amount reimbursed to you could be less because it depends on the transaction fee of Paypal.
                                                WINNERS (REMAINING CATEGORIES) 📜
All winners in the remaining categories will get a Digital Certificate of Winning (Soft copy) which will include their name, project name, year and a personal appreciation note from the Festival organizer. Apart from the certificate they will get a Winning Laurel and Listing on our website as WINNER.
Apart from Winners, FINALISTS and SEMIFINALISTS will also get a listing on our website in their respective categories and their respective selection status laurel.

P.S.: Due to the contagious COVID-19 pandemic, we have changed our policy of mailing and we will not be mailing out Trophy and hard copy certificates. This decision was a difficult one but we had to take such decision in view of the pandemic.


Individual Competing Categories in consideration for Awards and chosing Winners.

If you want to be considered for all categories that apply to your film, please select ALL APPLICABLE CATEGORIES on FilmFreeway to compete in all categories and also get a complimentary review of your movie on our website only with a unique URL.

***ALL APPLICABLE CATEGORIES 👑✅✅✅✅✅✅............

*Best Short Film 💲 🏆 📜

*Best Director 💲 🏆 📜

*Best Original Screenplay Writer 💲 🏆 📜

*Best Original Story Writer 💲 🏆 📜

*Best Editor 📜

*Best Cinematographer 📜

*Best Background Score 📜

*Best SFX 📜

*Best Actor in a Leading Role 📜

*Best Actress in a Leading Role 📜

*Best Supporting Actress 📜

*Best Supporting Actor 📜

*Best Child Actor 📜

*The Lion of The Festival 📜

*Best Animated Short Film 📜

*Best Film made on Mobile/Cellphone/Tab 📜

*Best Music Video 📜

*Best Drone Film 📜

*Best Documentary Film 📜

*Best Drama Film 📜

*Best Action Film 📜

*Best Comedy Film 📜

*Best Sci Fi (Science Fiction) Film 📜

*Best Horror Film 📜

*Best Experimental Film 📜

*Best Web Series / TV Pilot 📜

*Best Virtual Reality Movie 📜

*Best Art Direction / Production Design 📜

*Best Costume Design 📜

*Best Make Up & Hair Styling 📜

*Best VFX / Visual Effects 📜

*Best Thriller Film 📜

*Best Musical Film 📜

*Best Actor in a Negative Role 📜

*Best Comedy Actor 📜

*Best Actress in a Negative Role 📜

*Best Comedy Actress 📜

*Best Song 📜

*Best Lyrics 📜

*Best Composer (Song) 📜

*Best Choreography (Song) 📜

*Best Fantasy Film 📜

*Best Inspirational Film 📜

*Best Male Singer 📜

*Best Female Singer 📜

*Best Thriller Film 📜

*Best First Time Film Maker 📜

*Best First time Director 📜

*Best Student Film 📜

*Best No Budget Short Film (Less than $150 production budget) 📜

*Best Super Short (Less than 5 minutes) 📜

*Best First Time Actor/Debut Actor 📜

*Best First Time Actress/Debut Actress 📜

*Best Original Idea 📜

*Best Trailer / Teaser 📜

*Best Ad Film / Best Advertisement 📜